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Easter in Tolo. The unique Holy Week ritual

Easter in Tolo. The unique Holy Week ritual

Visit Tolon during the Easter period and experience one of the greatest celebrations of Christianity. Following the Holly week ritual Christians give themselves body and soul into the culmination of the Passion of Christ and finally rejoicing in His Resurrection, in a special and unique way.

On “Maundy Thursday” the Service of the Holy Passion is held. Housewives traditionally dye eggs with special red dyes, a custom that symbolizes the rebirth of life and nature. After the Service women gather in the main church of St. Konstantinos, decorating the Epitaph, as the tradition wants the Crown of Thorns of Jesus Christ to be covered with flowers.

«Good Friday» is the sacred day of the culmination of the Passion of Christ with the Deposition from the cross and Christ’s burial. The Epitaph Mass takes place in the evening. and is followed by the circumambulation. People join the procession on its way through the main street, leading in the beach of Tolo, where fishermen await on their boats, lighting fumigants and creating an unusual atmosphere.

On «Easter Saturday», before midnight, people gather in the church of St. Konstantinos holding white candles, which they light with the «Holy Light». The Resurrection of Christ is celebrated at 12.00 sharp with fireworks. The celebration is followed by the traditional feast of «maghiritsa and the crack of red eggs».

On the morning of «Easter Sunday», as the 40-day period of fasting finally comes to an end, and lamb is prepared on the spit all over Tolo houses and restaurants. The ritual of the Holy Week closes later in the evening in an impressive style by burning an effigy of Judas on the sea.

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