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Visit Archaia Assini

Visit Archaia Assini

Between Tolon bay and the beach of Plaka Drepanou stands the Kastraki peninsula, which has been identified with the Homeric Asini. At this point is the archaeological site of the Acropolis of ancient Asini which is a unique point of visit of the region and Argolis in general.

The Route at the archeological site gives the visitor the opportunity to look back at the long history of the area, from the distant past to recent years. The visitor will distinguish buildings and structures, which date from the Middle Helladic period to the period of World War II.

The landscaping works of the archeological site «Asini-Acropolis of Ancient Asini Remodeling of the Archaeological Site Kastraki» were completed in 2015. As part of these works, the ancient gate was reconstructed, and the archeological site became more visitor friendly by constructing and repairing the paths. metal stairs and information signs on the route.

Also, 3 newer buildings were reconstructed, which were given new uses. The new publishing house-shop of the archeological site, an exhibition on the history and methodology of the excavation process and a multimedia room, where digital browsing applications are presented (digital map, visualized history of the area) were located in them.

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